Event Recap: December 2019

Our December 2019 gathering was a great success, with about 25 attendees coming together to connect through collage! Our member Madeline has some thoughts to share about December’s collage night, alongside some of the work that was made at the event (including a few works in progress!)

Hi pals, Madeline here.

Reflecting on our most recent community collage gathering, one of the things that interests me is how no event has been a repeat of the previous. Each time the pattern changes up along with the folks who are able to come. This time the tables were sat every other chair so workspaces tended to boarder each other but you also got the opportunity to meet your neighbors. The crew for the night arrived in ones and twos around 6 or so and mostly stayed straight through. I saw a lot of finished works walk out the door at the end of the night, along with quite a few intriguing images left on the cutting room floor.

Monday saw a mix of old faces and new folks. It’s always interests me when people come already having their own designated materials, and we had quite a few newcomers who clearly knew their way around a scissors. For me, one of the coolest parts of making collage side-by-side with other artists is how watching another’s process helps me further analyze and interrogate my own methods. There were collages that broke the confines of 5 x 7 space and others that color blocked in construction paper.

I left the event with a few new ideas and a collage I still have yet to tape down. I also left with a little image of a Smokey the Bear statue, threat level yellow. Just one of my many good floor finds at the end of the night.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next one(!) Stay tuned, January is going to have a lot of exciting new changes in store…

— Madeline Rose

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