INTERWOVEN is a project using CUT LOOSE #1, our cut-up zine released in Spring 2022! Collage as a medium and as a community is often centered in togetherness, building strong connections and pathways while images and ephemera are transformed – creating something that didn’t exist before.

To further explore this connection, Twin Cities Collage Collective invited the community to construct square collages using at least one element from the zine. The resulting work has been juxtaposed together in grids, forming collage ‘quilts’ to be shared digitally and as prints. An e-book is coming soon.

Prints are available at! We have priced the prints as low as the site will allow. There are periodic discounts including free shipping that are offered by INPRNT, so keep an eye out for those. Funds from print sales are used for our Materials Scholarship and other programming.

Featuring work from the following artists:

Kyle MT (@tierceworks)
Julie Steed (@retrorifter)
Sharon Hall Shipp (@sharonhallshippartist)
Sara Zinelli (@missedartbeats)
J G Orudjev (
Rhiannon Davis (
Madigan Cochran-Bjerke (@maddy_y_tho)
Louise De St Jorre (@luludsj)
Sonya Mirus (@sonyamirus)
Mikayla Rae (@uglyfruits.artistry)
Alexis Logsdon (@offalcuteart)
Florencia Burgos (
Jenn Kroll (@gestaltdesigner)
Rachel Bean (@vintageteal)
Jürgen A. Roder (@j.a.r.oder)
Pirula Ordaz (@pirulaordaz)
Kris Dexter (@kris_dexter_collageartist)
danielle iemola-devereux (@eating__dirt__)
Molly Waite Lund (@collage_ever_after)
Christian Stork (@velosechsundsechzig)
Amanda Petrozzini (@owlcatcollage)
Agnieszka Zając (@agazart)
Ottavia Marchiori (@ocomeottavia)
Conni Thiim (@connithiim)
Cherie Savoie Tintary (@kitschycollagist)
allison anne (@allisonannecollage)
Celia Elise Crane (@celia_crane)

Submissions for this project are closed, but if you’ve created a square collage using CUT LOOSE #1 that you’d like to share with us, email twincitiescollagecollective (at) gmail (dot) com. If there’s interest, we’ll periodically update the print offerings.