Formed in late 2018, the Twin Cities Collage Collective strives to provide an inclusive, safe space for individuals at all levels of creative ability to learn about collage. The group fosters a community of creative people who support each other and bring attention to collage as an art form. By providing a forum to share ideas, techniques, and our work, the Collective is intended to be a positive force in the world of collage, its history, and cultivation.

Code of Conduct and Safer Spaces Policy

Twin Cities Collage Collective strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment both in-person and online for anyone interested in the medium of collage, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual identity, age, or artistic background. We reserve the right to respectfully and peaceably interrupt harassment or other issues should they arise. Harassment or hateful language at our events or in our online spaces will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion.

• Honor peoples’ opinions, beliefs and experiences, including their names and pronouns. TCCC believes that open communication and learning from one another builds community, solidarity and friendship!

• Awareness and responsibility are key! Respect physical and emotional boundaries.

• Creative growth as artists and as a group are priorities. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but ask for consent first. Please do not give criticism unless it is requested or agreed to by the artist.

• Please share your website and portfolio with the community! Keep us updated of any upcoming shows, publications, or opportunities so we can help celebrate and share your work.

• The Collective is not a place to sell your work. Social media posts may mention whether work is for sale, but business must be conducted outside of group meetings, get-togethers or online spaces unless specifically designated as a sales opportunity.


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