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North Star Collage #3

Applications for North Star Collage #3, our third anthology of MN-based collage & mixed media, ended on May 31st, 2024. We received a massive response from the community, with more artists responding than any of our previous calls–and by quite a large margin, too! Thank you! We are so grateful and honored that so many people shared their incredible work with us. We are currently reviewing submissions and plan to contact artists with results on or before July 15th, 2024. We originally hoped to contact artists by June 30th, but after receiving submissions from more than 150 artists (!!!!), we need a little more time for this process.

Key dates (updated 6/21/2024):
July 15th: Artists contacted with results on or before this date

Late July 2024: Artist list publicly announced, preorders begin

July-September 2024: Editorial and design phase

October 2024: Tentative release


Collage Materials Scholarship

The application period for the tenth round of the Collage Materials Scholarship ended on May 31st, 2024. hrough this project, we provide a variety of unique vintage and contemporary paper-based collage material at no cost to the recipient to support their creative exploration. Our hope with this project is to help expand access for new and emerging artists to support their exploration! Since summer 2021, we have mailed over 120 packets to new & emerging artists around the U.S., and have distributed many more locally.

We received 69 applications in this cycle; as of June 1st, we have accepted an initial wave of 25 applications. Fulfillment of those scholarship packets has already begun. We are approving applications on an ongoing basis throughout the summer! As postage funds allow, we will continue to accept applications fill as many of these requests as possible.

We are a grassroots community organization, and we do not have fiscal sponsorship of any kind. Donations and sales of our publications are how we raise funds to continue programming and resources.Want to support our scholarship and other programming? Make a donation or shop our publications! Thank you so much!