Ben DiNino

Ben DiNino was born in York, Pennsylvania and studied sculpture and art history at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. He left art school with an unsavory opinion of the art world and didn’t pursue showing his work professionally for many years. During this time he kept making work, giving it away, trading it with other artists, and donating it as fundraisers for groups and causes he supported. In 2018, he attended the first Kolaj Fest in New Orleans and was encouraged and inspired to become more serious about his work. Ben creates collages in a variety of mediums and styles. He works with a variety of papers, photographic prints and negatives, slide film, to create both abstract and narrative work. He also makes three dimensional collages with old books. By removing the text and leaving only selected images he excavates a collages that was ever-present in the book. Ben settled in Minneapolis in 2013 with his partner and 2 children. He has started showing his work recently and has also been featured in a few print publications.